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Maximize Exposure, Simplify The Process, Take Control

Broad Reach, Easy Management

List your property where it matters! With Fair Agent Realty's Essential Service option, your property gets maximum exposure - not just on your local MLS, but across 18+ MLS boards and all top property listing sites, including, Kijiji, Point2Homes and all 11,660 national property listing websites. More eyes on your property means more potential buyers.

Broad Reach, Easy Management

Say goodbye to missed opportunities. Interested buyers respond through, and our smart system instantly engages them. Within minutes, they receive additional property details and clear guidance on scheduling a viewing or making an offer. Quick, automated, and hassle-free.

Direct Buyer Interaction, Your Schedule

Your property, your rules. Viewers' requests come directly to you via the Fair Agent Dashboard. You have the freedom to accept, decline, or propose new times for viewings. Want to connect directly with a potential buyer? You're in control and can make arrangements that suit your schedule.

Dynamic Listing Management at Your Fingertips

Need to tweak your listing? The Fair Agent Dashboard empowers you to request changes effortlessly. Whether it's adjusting the price, updating descriptions, swapping photos, or modifying the buyer agent commission - it's all a few clicks away.
Discover the Power of Choice with Our CB Flex Rate

Commission Control: Mastering the Art of Flexibility with CB Flex Rate

At Fair Agent Realty, we empower you with our CB Flex Rate, an innovative feature of our Essential Service tier. This tool places the power of commission negotiation in your hands, allowing you to tailor the buyer agent commission according to your preferences and market strategy.

Customize Your Offering

Decide the commission rate you’re comfortable with, from a minimal $1 to a more competitive percentage. Our platform makes it easy to set and adjust this rate,

Transparency in Marketing

Your chosen commission rate is clearly communicated in the MLS listing, ensuring clarity and openness with all potential cooperating brokerages.

Reflecting Market Conditions

Adjust your commission to align with the current real estate market, ensuring your property remains attractive to buyer agents and their clients.

Maximizing Savings

Even with the flexibility to offer a competitive rate to buyer agents, our Essential Service ensures your total commission remains significantly lower than traditional brokerage fees.
The CB Flex Rate is just one more way Fair Agent Realty's Essential Service empowers you to sell smarter, offering a perfect blend of exposure, control, and savings.

Empowerment in Negotiations

When it comes to offers, you're in the driver's seat. With the Essential Service, you handle the offers directly, giving you a unique opportunity to be directly involved in the negotiation process. This approach puts you at the forefront of decision-making, ensuring that your interests are always the top priority.

The Fair Agent Advantage

With Essential Service, you're not just listing your property; you're stepping into a streamlined process designed for efficiency and control. We bridge the gap between maximum exposure and personal convenience, making your selling experience as effective as it is empowering.

What you can expect with Fair Agent Realty’s Essential Service

Direct Communication, Better Outcomes

Communicate directly with buyers or their agents. This direct line not only speeds up the process but also allows for clearer, more personal negotiations. Whether it's discussing terms or finalizing details, you're in control, fostering a more straightforward and transparent deal-making process.

Support When You Need It

While you lead the way, Fair Agent Realty is always here to provide guidance. Got a question about an offer? Need a bit of strategy advice? Our team is on hand to offer support, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions.

Streamlined Offer Process

Utilizing the Fair Agent Dashboard, you can efficiently manage offers. Our system ensures that you receive all offer details promptly, allowing you to review and respond on your timeline. Simplified, efficient, and designed with your convenience in mind.

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